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Product : LED Flat Panel Light : LED Flat Panel Light 18W (Round Type)


LED Flat Panle Light are the next generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent lamp. LED has higher efficiency, more reliability compared to the previous generation. They could be used anywhere at homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, schools, labs. It is environmentally friendly and energy saving of 70%-80% than conventional fluorescent lights.

This model has a smooth coated, modified with higher finishing quality than the old die-casting. The circuit and power inside is precisely designed to avoid shot circuit and burnout. Choice of CREE, EDISON, EPISTAR and local LED or according to customers requirement, other LEDs can be adapted. LED Flat Panel Light is the common for indoor lighting, LED Flat Panel Light can easily replace the halogens.

18W LED Flat Panel Light Features:

1. Long life span, up to 30000 hours;

2. Low power consumption, save up to 80% energy than fluorescent light;

3. Safety

4. No fluorescent flicking and buzzling, instant light up;

5. Strong aluminum case, more durable.

6. No RF interference;

7. No hazard mercury or lead emitting;

8. Enhanced circuit power design than fluorescent light, stable and safe.

18W LED Flat Panel Light Specification

Input Voltage

AC 100-240V

Light Source




Color Temperature


Luminous Flux

1620-1800 lm

Working Temp


Beam angle

120 Degree

Lamp lifespan

>30000 hours



Net Weight


240mm (D) x 19mm (H)

Hole Size

220mm Diameter

If we compare the artificial light sources with daylight, we can conclude that the light for LED light source has the best approximation with daylight.

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