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HKEA Group Ltd. is a professional LED Tube manufacturer and exporter in China. We specialized in LED panel light,led bulb,led spotlight,led tube,led candle light,led downlight,led ceiling light,led wall washer, led strip ,led wall sconce'high-power LED street light,LED display etc for many years. These products have been delivered to Europe, United States, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and African countries. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the world.
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LED T8 Tube 600mm 9W
LED T8 Tube 900mm 13W
LED T8 Tube 1200mm 15W
LED T8 Tube 1200mm 18W
LED T8 Tube 1200mm 20W
LED T8 Tube 1200mm 22W
LED T8 Tube 1500mm 22W
LED T8 Tube 1500mm 24W
Total entries : 8    ( Pages : 1 )

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